Notes from Charter TF call

Some of the members of the Charter Task Force had a call last week.

The people present were Dominique Hazael-Massieux, Dan Burnett, Mike
Champion, Vivien Lacourba, Harald Alvestrand, Stefan Håkansson, Andy
Hutton, Bernard Aboba, Justin Uberti and Göran Eriksson.

The basis for the call was the draft known as "Justin's proposal":

Various aspects of the charter were discussed; in the end, the people
present concluded that:

- We're basically OK with this proposal
- All 4 edits that Dom had suggested are reasonable, and will be merged
- The terminology we landed on for "what comes after 1.0" was "WebRTC
Next Version", and we're clearly aiming for one specification covering
the use cases of both ORTC and WebRTC 1.0 - not multiple specifications.
- We're willing to live with the proposed "editing policy". Dom agreed
to formulate the "editing policy" as a pull request, and Justin promised
to integrate it.
- We agreed that once Justin had incorporated the changes agreed to, we
would send the charter to the WG for review.

The list debate after the call shows that one TF member who was not on
the call is not happy with the editing policy as stated, so we can't say
that we have consensus on the TF to incorporate the editing policy, but
this seems to be the outstanding item. It still seems valuable to send
the edited charter from the call to the WG; I hope we can get that out

I will follow up with the TF members to see if we can reach a consensus

Harald, for the chairs

Received on Tuesday, 26 May 2015 13:33:29 UTC