Re: Charter task force - list of volunteers

On 20/05/2015 23:25, Eric Rescorla wrote:
>              Editors are responsible for reflecting the consensus from the
>              Working Group in the specifications; where editors bring
>         technical
>              solutions in the specifications that have not been reviewed
>         by the
>              group, these solutions are annotated to reflect their status.
>         I don't really understand the clause after the semicolon. Can
>         you expand
>         on what this
>         is intended to mean?
>     Some groups operate under a work mode where editors are defining
>     specs on their own, and unless someone complains, the stuff is
>     assumed to have consensus. This works well in cases where the
>     complexity or the stakes around a given spec aren't very high. The
>     intent here is to make it clear that the WebRTC WG is not operating
>     under such a mode.
> OK, well, I certainly didn't get that. Perhaps a rewrite is in order.

I would be happy to propose a rewrite, but I'm not sure I understand yet 
what it is that was either misleading or unclear in my initial text 
(English is obviously not my first language). Could you either suggest 
some text or give more details as to what is confusing in the current text?



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