Re: Attributes! (Re: Proposal: Add RtpSenderInit parameter to addTrack.)

Den 01. mai 2015 18:11, skrev Jan-Ivar Bruaroey:
> Agree we need this stuff, and I love dictionaries, but IMHO this web API
> surface is turning into a mess.
> The ideal surface for a parameter is:
> foo.setBar() / foo.getBar() is some kind of c++ sickness.
> foo.setParameters({..., bar: }) / foo.getParameters().bar is a kick in
> the mouth to JavaScript.

Please ... let's try to keep some civility in the discussion.

People have strong opinions about programming languages.
But acting as if there is a higher truth that can be asserted without
allowing for a discussion that leads to a joint understanding of the
issues is not a Good Thing.


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