Re: API points for ICE/DTLS warmup

On 24/07/15 13:21, Peter Thatcher wrote:

> B > A, because an RtpSender without a track seems cleaner than a dummy
> track. But I could live with A.
> D > C, because we don't have to add anything.  I think we shouldn't add
> F > E, because we don't have to add anything.  I think that even if we
> add, it should not cause an SDP renegotiation, just
> like RtpSender.setParameters doesn't.

I agree on all points.

But there are some details that needs sorting, e.g.

- Currently we have "ontrack" firing. It should not fire if an empty 
sender/receiver pair was created, would we need another event to inform 
the app at the receiving side?

- So far we've said that 'replace track' should not change the track id 
at the remote side and that no SDP exchange would be needed (at least 
not in most cases - Jan-Ivar has the view SDP exchanges could result 
from replaceTrack, we need to sort this). How should that be dealt with 
here? If the purpose is to "warm" the connection, ideally we should not 
need any SDP exchange to get the media flowing, but in this case we have 
no initial track id.

> Commence discussion :).

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