Add "MediaStream with worker" for video processing into the new working items of WebRTC WG

Hi, Chairs, Dom and all,

This is Chia-hung Tai from Mozilla. I would like to add a new working
items, "MediaStream with worker"[1] into WebRTC WG and form a new task
force for this specification. This working item is based on a project
called FoxEye[2]. You can check the use cases in [3].

This specification extends the Media Capture and Streams specification to
allow JavaScript developers to process video frame data in workers on the
web applications.

I already implement a prototype based on the spec[1]. And get positive
feedbacks from Mozilla DOM peers. I think it should be standardized. You
can see the demo in [4]. Looking forward to hear your voices. Thanks



Received on Monday, 27 July 2015 09:14:17 UTC