Re: I have created a PR for RtpEncodingParameters.maxBitrate

If you allow me to see it from other (developer) perspective, there is a relevant number of WebRTC applications using MCU or SFU for group communications and one-to-many distributions. In such applications, setting maxBitrate in absolute terms makes possible to control and plan better the scalability of the infrastructure. For example, feedback from developers in the Kurento mailing list shows a lot of people mangling the SDP for adding  b=as:max-bw lines in order to have this feature. IMO it would be a plus to enable it directly at the API level in absolute terms, which by the way is compatible with enabling also setting it relatively.



El 19/07/2015, a las 05:07, Silvia Pfeiffer <> escribi:

> As a developer, I would really like to see controls that are relative
> to these boundaries, not absolute numbers. E.g. I'd like to tell each
> outgoing/incoming video stream to use no more than 25% of my available
> bandwidth - which would then adapt to the available bandwidth (looks
> like RTP would then also need to negotiate the minimum of the two).
> Then, e.g., the data channel should use no more than 40% of my
> available bandwidth - since it's bursty, it can take a bit more.

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