Call for comments: New charter for WebRTC Working Group

Dear Working Group participants,

As you may know, the charter of the WebRTC Working Group is expiring at
the end of next month (February 2015), after having been extended for
two years in February 2013.

The Working Group chairs feel that the group’s charter should be renewed
rather than just extended this time around. Renewing it means we can
change the text of the charter to make it reflect more accurately our
current work, and gives a chance to W3C Members to review that work 4
years after it initially started. It is also an opportunity to list
explicit new directions the work might go into.

The chairs and staff contact have thus developed a new draft charter for
the group:

The changes it brings to the charter compared to our current charter can
be reviewed via the commits made on github:

or through the diff between the two documents:

At a high level, these changes consist of:
* making our current list of deliverables explicit and assign estimated
dates of their progress on the Recommendation track
* adding a mention of a WebRTC Next Generation API
* updating the list of dependencies to other groups from which we will
be seeking reviews of our work

Given that our current charter expires at the end of February, and given
the required time to renew a charter (which includes review by the W3C
management followed by a review by the W3C Advisory Committee), we would
like to proceed with the renewal process as soon as possible.

As such, and unless a WG participant requires more time, we would like
to ask for review and comments before end of next week (January 23rd).

Given that the charter is on github, suggestions of changes as pull
requests would be welcomed; except for minor editorial corrections,
these suggestions need to be brought to this list for discussion to
ensure all the group participants are aware of potential additional changes.


Harald & Stefan as Chairs

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Received on Thursday, 15 January 2015 10:37:20 UTC