Re: [rtcweb] ICE exposes 'real' local IP to javascript

On 2/5/15 2:03 PM, Justin Uberti wrote:
> I think the concern over private IP addresses is a side issue.
> The main issue, as Tim indicates, is the surfacing of interfaces other
> than the VPN or proxy when using such a configuration; right now the
> only workaround is to disable WebRTC.
> I would be in favor of a browser switch that could control whether other
> interfaces are enumerated and used when HTTP traffic is being sent
> through a VPN or proxy. This is similar to the 'leaky' vs 'sealed'
> policy described in RETURN
> <>,
> and this switch could be set to either value depending on whether the
> user/browser wants to optimize for maximizing QoS or minimizing
> information disclosure.

Yes, that seems like the right approach.


Peter Saint-Andre

Received on Friday, 6 February 2015 08:45:18 UTC