"mediadiscarded" and "unassignedmediaarriving" - action needed if we want them

Hi all,

a long time ago a PR adding a "mediadiscarded" event was submitted [1]. 
The purpose was to inform the application that (perhaps due to an SDP 
offer or answer not having arrived) media that the UA can't associate 
with an existing track (or RTPreceiver) is arriving (and being dropped 
on the floor).

That PR was in line with what was discussed at the 2014 TPAC.

However, there were some later (private) discussion of adding another 
event that allowed the app to instruct the UA to create a track (and 
RTPreceiver) for the incoming media. I called that event 
"unassignedmediaarriving" in the subject line. To my understanding 
Firefox is even implementing something like this.

There is currently no PR that addresses "unassignedmediaarriving", or 
how "mediadiscarded" and "unassignedmediaarriving" should relate. As 
we've said that for a feature to be part of 1.0 a (relatively baked) PR 
should exist before the Seattle f2f meeting we're asking people who want 
this to start working on such a PR.

Stefan for the chairs

[1] https://github.com/w3c/webrtc-pc/pull/29

Received on Friday, 21 August 2015 04:59:33 UTC