Re: replaceTrack proposal

I have nothing against moving forward with something like this, but a 
couple of notes a week later below anyway ...

On 03/09/14 16:57, Jan-Ivar Bruaroey wrote:
> People want to switch seamlessly between the front and back camera on a
> mobile device in mid-call.
> This requires somehow switching out the source of a video being sent
> over a peerConnection without renegotiation.

Strictly it does not require that. Both cameras could be negotiated at 
the initial SDP O/A, and which of them to show at the remote end-point 
can be signaled app specific (just change which video track that is 
"selected" at the remote end). Can be used in combination with track 
disable to improve efficiency.

Also, just checking, are the RTP guys OK with switching source (I had 
the impression that there was a tight correlation between a camera and 
an SSRC, but may remember wrongly)?

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