Re: Video freeze issue...

On 2014-10-08 03:44, Dee Cee wrote:
> Hi,
> We have an application running video chat using webrtc.
> We are noticing that sometimes the incoming video on the app freezes for
> few seconds in normal bandwidth condition.
> Under relatively low bandwidth situation, this freeze is for longer
> durations(30 seconds to 1 min).
> Adding some debug logs got us to the point where we see that decoding
> thread is not getting back a decodable frame from jitter buffer as
> NextCompleteTimestamp() function always returns false.
> Can someone help figure out the reasons for this ?
> Can A/V sync affect this ? If so what is the best way to disable A/V
> sync for testing purposes ?
> I tried undefining this macro WEBRTC_VOICE_ENGINE_VIDEO_SYNC_API but the
> app crashed.


This is the mailing list for the WebRTC standardization work. You're 
describing a problem in a specific implementation.

Please file a bug on the implementation (e.g. Firefox or Chrome) where 
you're experiencing the problem.


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