Re: How to set the video quality sent to a peer

On 3/18/2014 3:09 PM, Martin Thomson wrote:
> Actually, you are all making it harder than it needs to be.
> If the browsers are doing their jobs correctly, you shouldn't need to
> do anything at all.  Construct peer connections to different peers and
> send the same media to both.  The link that has lower bandwidth will
> be detected as such and the browser will reduce the send rate
> accordingly; if it makes sense to do so, the resolution will be
> reduced to avoid quality degrading too significantly.

+1 martin

And if the bottleneck is at A's upstream link they'll share roughly 
equally; but if for some reason you *want* B to get more of the bits, 
then something additional is needed.  However, constraining the 
resolution is likely *not* the solution for that.  It might be for "I 
know C is on a low-resolution device and doesn't care about more than 
640x480"; in that case Harald's solution might have some use.

Trying to outwit/stand-in-for the congestion control is a losing 
battle.  Working with it to allocate bits is possible.

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