Re: ICECandidate.candidate syntax is wrong in Chrome

Am 23.06.2014 17:20, schrieb Adam Roach:
> On 6/23/14 09:32, Emil Ivov wrote:
>> Personally I thought it was an oversight in the FF implementation
> No; starting with the W3C spec (because we're talking about a JS API
> here), we reached the same conclusion as IƱaki did, using the same
> (rather obvious) chain of logic. It is most assuredly not an oversight,
> as we've had to take extra steps to process the candidates that Chrome
> generates:

Do you have a pointer to that rationale?

I have a lib that translates SDP and candidates into JSON and back.
With just the candidate-attribute I have to parse two variants (easy) 
and serialize two variants as well.
When constructing a an SDP that goes into SetLocalDescription or 
SetRemoteDescription, I need a SDP line.
For addIceCandidate, I don't.

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