Re: RTCIceServer and username

On 1/10/14 11:03 AM, Gavin Llewellyn wrote:
> On a related note, I see the RTCIceServer dictionary has been updated
> to accept multiple URLs.  Is this just for convenience when you have
> multiple TURN servers that accept the same credentials?  I'm left
> slightly confused as to whether I should be providing multiple
> RTCIceServer dictionaries in my RTCConfiguration, or a single one with
> multiple URLs - this does not seem to be explained in the current
> text.  I think the confusion stems from the name of the dictionary; it
> suggests that multiple URLs should refer to the same server.

I believe that suggestion is correct, you should only provide multiple 
urls to the same server, which may be advantageous or necessary in some 
network topologies, as there may be more than one way to route to it.

Knowing how many actual servers there are and not just how many links is 
advantageous to the browser. If a server fails, is undesirable, or 
access to it fails for some reason, then the browser knows not to bother 
with the other urls pointing to the same one, so this is for speed not 
just convenience.

Others will hopefully correct me if I'm wrong,

.: Jan-Ivar :.

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