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Re: RTCDataChannel characteristics and failures -API description

From: Adam Bergkvist <adam.bergkvist@ericsson.com>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2014 07:43:54 +0100
Message-ID: <52CF96AA.8000909@ericsson.com>
To: Gunnar Hellstrom <gunnar.hellstrom@omnitor.se>, Michael Tuexen <Michael.Tuexen@lurchi.franken.de>
CC: Web-rtc <public-webrtc@w3.org>
On 2014-01-09 13:21, Gunnar Hellstrom wrote:
> Who drafts something in the API description and get it in? You Michael?
> I have tried to contribute, but as seen in the above discussion, the
> wording is not good yet, and there are other parts with more exact
> failure reason coding etc needed.

The W3c docs are edited by Dan, Cullen and myself. The way things make 
it into the document is usually that it's discussed for a while on the 
mailing list and then, when people seem to agree, the chairs give a task 
to the editors to make the change.

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