Re: Panic between createOffer() and setLocalDescription()

Reviewing the specification of setLocalDescription() and
setRemoteDescription(), I have seen that successCallback and
failureCallback are set as non-nullable, non-optional attributes,
while seems that Chrome and Firefox support both to set null and omit
them, and also I think it makes sense for example if you are waiting
on the onicecandidate event to have fully defined the SDP string
previously to send it to the other peer. I believe the spec should be
changed on this point, independtly that it's decided to move the API
to use Promises in the future or not.

2014-02-19 10:05 GMT+01:00 <>:
>> - It forces the developer to retrieve a SDP from the PeerConnection (via
>> createOffer) and then to pass it back again to the same PeerConnection (via
>> setLocalDescription).
> That's the thing I find most annoying, that it's the same PeerConnection
> object. Wouldn't it be possible that when calling to createOffer() and
> createAnswer() they call internally to setLocalDescription(), so developers
> only need to call it explicitly if they need to modify the SDP string? This
> will make easier the usage of vast mayority of use cases, and also it is a
> backwards compatible modification...

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