Re: Client/server (non-p2p) video

     I second Kevin's motion. We need a more thorough discussion of how 
to model a client-server chat, especially in light of the fact that this 
is needed for multi-party chat (ideally you one the server to act as a 
gateway for the conversation, otherwise you end up with N-N links).

     Node.js is great and all, but I don't plan on using it to run in 
production. I'm looking for a solution that will allow me to run a 
single server that will handle both normal web content, and WebRTC 
streams. Running two separate servers is not ideal. Are there plans to 
offer better integration for Java-based web servers who wish to act as 
WebRTC peers?


On 30/03/2013 7:40 PM, wrote:
>> The abstraction there is great, but from my understanding all the pieces weren't available yet for a one-to-many server using WebSockets - at least in any way that's not just using javascript to capture and send individual frames.
> I have work with getUserMedia myself, I've been focusing on
> DataChannels, sorry... :-(
>> I'm more looking for the ability to do compressed streaming to a server. Currently the only way I can see this happening is to write a server that pretends to be a peer for WebRTC.
> Why this would be bad? There are WebRTC libraries for Node.js, for example...
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