Client/server (non-p2p) video

I've been following WebRTC for a while now quite eagerly. I see a lot of early documentation talking about additionally supporting client/server rather than p2p connections, but nothing beyond this.

I work with several very large sites currently using Flash for client/server video broadcasting (one-to-many) applications, and I'm currently unsure if/how they'll be able to make use of WebRTC going forward. Can anyone fill me in on how this is supposed to work?

i.e. is there going to be a separate connection method for server connections, or is the goal to make a server just a standard peer? Are there any roadblocks preventing someone from writing a one-to-many server that pretends to be a peer to everyone involved? Has anyone tried a proof of concept server to do this?

There are a lot of applications that would greatly benefit from WebRTC where p2p connectivity just won't work - one "broadcaster" to thousands of viewers, for example. A teacher broadcasting to a few hundred students, or a call-in live video show are good examples.

-- Kevin

Received on Saturday, 30 March 2013 15:18:17 UTC