Re: Is DataChannel label unique?

On 23.06.2013 20:53, wrote:
> On the spec it says that DataChannels labels can be used to identify
> them, but it doesn't say anywhere if they should be unique or instead
> it should be seen just as a name so you would have several of them
> with the same label and you could identify them as a group. What's the
> correct spected behaviour, unique (as the 'id' attribute, only that
> regarding DataChannels) or not unique?

As far as I understand the spec and Mozilla's implementation the label
has no semantics for the browser. You can set it to any value you like
and it's your responsibility as developer to make the DCs
distinguishable from each other.

IMHO it would help to include an example use case for the "label" and
"protocol" fields in the spec.


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