[Bug 20819] no priority API


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> I'd like to +1 this bug. I think now would be a good time to get a good API
> proposals and get it into the spec.

I brought forward before, and am proposing again, that we - in a similar vein
to how a "RTCDTMFSender" sender is created off a PeerConnection but bound to a
MediaStreamTrack - allow for the creation of an object that allows setting of
priority and other transport related things per track using the established
Constraints model.

So we could add to PeerConnection something like:

     RTCTransportHandler createTransportHandler (MediaStreamTrack track);

The TransportHandler would use Constraints, e.g.:

interface RTCTransportHandler {
     readonly attribute MediaStreamTrack track;
     TrackTransportConstraints? constraints ();
     void applyConstraints (TrackTransportConstraints constraints);
     attribute EventHandler onoverconstrained;

Constraints could be:

* Priority
* bitrate (min, max)
* audio content (speech or general audio)
* video codec operation (VBR, CBR)

and so on (and of course we need to agree on an initial set).

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