Re: Signaling without a server

On 6/9/13 15:16, wrote:
> I think that static client-side application (no server _at all_, maybe
> also serving the content from a file:// url) is an important corner
> case that WebRTC API designers didn't take in account and that should
> be considered so real P2P, distributed applications could be
> developed...

You don't technically need a server; it's just the easiest way to set up 
a session. Technically, all you need is some means of rendezvous and a 
channel to exchange information about device capability, intention, 
location on the network, and so on. You can use any arbitrary means to 
exchange that information, as long as it's kind of real-time in nature 
(email would probably work; carrier pigeon would pose problems).

for an example of someone's experiments doing WebRTC from a file:// URL.


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