Re: Allowing RTCIceServer to contain multiple URLs

I wasn't suggesting that you couldn't have multiple RTCIceServers - clearly
that's something we still want to support.

The idea was mainly to indicate a specific TURN server could be reachable
via different protocols - while that can be accomplished via multiple
RTCIceServers, it might not be desirable to try to use all protocols at
once and allocate 3 TURN candidates (e.g. for UDP, TCP, and TLS). If there
were multiple transports available for a single TURN server, TCP and TLS
could be ignored if UDP worked (i.e. and only a single candidate would be

Agree this may not be needed if we can rely on using S-NAPTR to look up the
TURN server addresses, but is this widely deployed today?

On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 10:50 AM, Martin Thomson

> On 23 April 2013 23:06, Justin Uberti <> wrote:
> > So to do this using the existing RTCIceServer syntax, one must create
> > separate RTCIceServer objects for each URI, all with the same
> credentials.
> > It seems like it would be cleaner to allow a list of URIs to be supplied
> in
> > a RTCIceServer, which would all share the same credentials. To achieve
> this,
> > we could simply change the current .url property from a DOMString to a
> list,
> > or add a new .urls property that is a list of DOMStrings.
> > Any objections?
> Yeah, what Cullen said, plus: if you have multiple URIs with the same
> credentials, make multiple RTCIceServers.  It's not especially hard:
> var iceServers = stunServers.concat( {
> return { url: turnUri, credential: cred, username: user }; }));

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