Re: [Bug 20816] "Hold" unspecified

2013/4/19 Harald Alvestrand <>:
> Me too. Are there use cases in present deployments where Bob requests Alice
> to stop one or more, but not all streams, and refers to that process as "on
> hold"?

See Skype usage:

1) Alice and Bob start a just audio call.

2) Later Alice adds her video so Bob can see it.

3) Later Bob adds his video so Alice can see it.

4) ...later Alice "dissables" her video so Bob does not see it (and
Bob *is* notified about it so hiddes the remote video window), but Bob
still sends video to Alice.

Step 4 could be implemented by re-sending the SDP with "a=recvonly" in
the "m" video section. But WebRTC should provide "something" (an event
or attributes in each mediaStream) to inspect the status of the

This is just an usecase, but IMHO should be feasible with the WebRTC
API (I mean the required modifications in the SDP and some kind of
events when receiving the SDP with the above "a=xxxx" attributes).

Iñaki Baz Castillo

Received on Friday, 19 April 2013 13:56:57 UTC