Re: New version of Peer Connection draft

Hi all,

I was reading the draft and have few comments about it:
Chapter 4.4.1 RTCPeerState
-> isn't it RTCSignalingState instead?

It seems that ISSUE 3 is before ISSUE 2

ISSUE 3 is about RTCPeerConnection in state 'new' but this state seems 
to not exist anymore?

In createAnswer method
'Like createOffer, the returned blob contains descriptions of the local 
But this method does not return anything, right? Are we talking about 
the object passed to the success callback method as parameter?

Maybe these comments have already been reported, sorry if this is the case.


On 27/03/2013 20:50, Cullen Jennings (fluffy) wrote:
> A few days ago we put out a new version of the PC Editor draft at
> Major changes include
> 	 Example review: Updated DTMF and Stats examples. Added text about when to fire "negotiationneeded" event to align with examples.
> 	 Updated PeerConnection state machine. Added a shared processing model for setLocalDescription()/setRemoteDescription().
> 	 Updated simple callflow to match the current API.
> Cullen

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