Re: sendonly streams in the offer

On 04/04/2013 11:17 PM, Martin Thomson wrote:
> On 4 April 2013 04:29, Stefan Håkansson LK
> <> wrote:
>> Yes, in a sense it is suboptimal; but the difference is not that great (the
>> now offer adding video could go out as soon as the answer to the audio only
>> offer has been sent). And I guess we would force it on developers rather
>> than users.
>> That said, this is already solved for plan B (OfferToReceiveX).
> The OfferToReceive* constraints and their implementation is orthogonal
> to the choice of Plan (A or B).  Unless we believe that there is no
> need to limit the number of inbound streams, which is the only
> available mode for Plan B in the absence of extensions like max-ssrc.
I don't really see a need why the application would limit the number of 
inbound streams (e.g. by applying some setting on the PeerConnection).

I can see a benefit of the receiving UA telling the sending UA how many 
streams it can handle, but that would depend on things like resolution, 
frame-rate, etc. and may not be that easy to express.

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