Re: Generalizing the stats hierarchy

On 25 September 2012 11:10, Harald Alvestrand <> wrote:
> You young whippersnappers! ASN.1's debut was in X.409 - the Red Book - the
> 1984 ITU standards collection.
> 28 years is definitely more than a decade!

Exactly.  It's almost as old as me.

>> ASN.1 doesn't have encodings.
> Have they changed the meaning of "E" in BER / PER / DER *again*?

Those aren't the Abstract Syntax Number One.  Those are just things
that *use* the Abstract Syntax Number One.

BTW, you know it is good because no one decided to make Number Two.
Obviously, the encoding rules have less of that timeless quality you
are looking for.

>> JER is almost here.
> You mean as suggsted by PHB?

PHB has spoken.  You know it will happen.  I don't want to be present
for the OCTET STRING debate where base64 faces off against base64url,
with "array of numbers" as the runner with long odds.

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