Re: OfferToReceive in CreateAnswer

On 28 October 2012 04:47, Hutton, Andrew
<> wrote:
> The constraint to indicate that the application only wants to receive video surely applies to the answer as much as it applies to the offer the problem is that the name and the text in the draft implies to that it only relates to the offer.

I think that the question is whether it should be possible using
constraints to reject incoming streams.  That would provide the
symmetry that we are looking for here.

InboundAudio: true and InboundVideo: true as constraints would work, I
should think.  They could apply to offers (in that they would trigger
the creation of an appropriate m= section.  And in answers, they would
shape the characteristics of the response: a=sendonly or m=audio 0.
That's not perfectly symmetrical in the latter instance, you could
always create the streams and use a=inactive, but that seems a little
wasteful, especially if we aren't bundling.


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