Re: User media constraint: peerIdentity

On 10/26/2012 06:12 PM, Martin Thomson wrote:
> On 26 October 2012 05:58, Timothy B. Terriberry <> wrote:
>> I was thinking more along the lines of providing an HTMLLevelMeter element,
>> which would have the benefit of also being useful to developers who don't
>> want to go through the difficulty of using the WebAudio API to compute mic
>> levels manually. Though I'd be happy to delay such a thing until "version
>> 2".
> Having a meter element that is therefore protected in the same way
> that a video output would be, could work.
> I'd suggest waiting.
>> The difficulty with exposing this via statistics is that now you've created
>> a side-channel leaking information about the tainted streams with, I expect,
>> roughly as much information about them as the much-hyped VBR information
>> leak.
> I was going to say the same thing.  I'd go further than that and bet
> that it is instead far more effective than the VBR leak.
The effectiveness is a good question; as far as I can tell, it depends 
on the granularity of the data and the ability to get a regular signal.
At least in Chrome, I couldn't reliably get a callback to fire every 20 
ms when I tried.

But I'm happy with waiting; we've shown that there are multilple avenues 
to pursue here.

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