Re: TPAC f2f: start building agenda

That was my hope. Maybe we can help set the parameters for the discussion
in the following week.
On Oct 17, 2012 3:09 AM, "Harald Alvestrand" <> wrote:

> On 10/17/2012 01:55 AM, Martin Thomson wrote:
>> On 16 October 2012 15:40, Cullen Jennings (fluffy) <>
>> wrote:
>>> On Oct 12, 2012, at 9:18 , Martin Thomson <>
>>> wrote:
>>>> I would like to see some time spent on the plan for addressing the
>>>> open SDP issue.
>>> Could say exactly what the open issue is?
>> Specifically:
>> [...]  We also recognize that the exact use of
>> SDP and SDP features is currently underspecified, making it difficult to
>> build interoperating UA implementations, and, for the interop to legacy
>> cases, difficult to write applications that modify the SDPs to enable
>> interop. This is something that must be sorted out, the main
>> responsibility for this lies with the IETF rtcweb WG.
>>  Since this meeting is of the WEBRTC WG, I think the main thing we want
> to say is what functions we want the SDP negotiation to accomplish, and how
> we think SDP requirements for negotiation get reflected at the API level.
> The fact that we've got a large overlap of participation with RTCWEB means
> that we should at least be able to have an informed discussion of this
> topic, but the actual SDP syntax and semantics issues need to be dealt with
> in the IETF, I think.
>                 Harald

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