Re: Blobs and MediaStreams (Re: getUserMedia API: How to use the LocalMediaStream object ?)

On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 4:58 PM, Rich Tibbett <> wrote:

> The following consequences were brought up in other recent discussions
> elsewhere:
> 2011OctDec/1522.html<>
> 2011OctDec/1516.html<>
> These problems are solvable and some good follow up emails follow the
> links highlighted above. I think this group or the MediaStream Processing
> API account for the concerns raised in these threads (particularly in the
> case of the latter since it already extends media elements to accept a type
> of 'any').

Those threads are about the difficulties of making *all* source URIs accept
direct Blob references, possibly while leaving the type of 'src' as
DOMString. What I proposed and implemented is rather different: only 'src'
for media elements is affected, I changed its type to 'any', and made it
accept MediaStreams as well as strings. There are no difficult lifetime
issues; in my case, a media element can keep its src MediaStream alive.

I think the only subtlety is that when you set 'src' to a MediaStream, the
element's 'src' content attribute can no longer reflect the DOM attribute,
so I just set it to the empty string while the 'src' DOM attribute is not a

A number of folks from Opera have been arguing to keep this optimization
> since it seems relatively clean and straight-forward.

It's more than an optimization. Going through createObjectURL requires
manual resource management but direct assignment to 'src' does not.
Avoiding manual resource management is a big win.

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