Re: Blobs and MediaStreams (Re: getUserMedia API: How to use the LocalMediaStream object ?)

On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 4:52 PM, Adam Bergkvist

> It just felt like a bit strange to involve a media player in the
> conversion from a Blob to MediaStream. A bit like an old cassette deck
> player. Do I have to press play to start the conversion;


can I use high speed dubbing? :)

Yes, if you mean "set .playbackRate to play back the blob content at a
different rate".

Nothing prevents supporting Blob-to-MediaStream playback via media elements
*and* some other more convenient and possibly more performant API. Rather
than introducing a new MediaStream constructor, I think a method on Blob
would make more sense, say Blob.createMediaStream(). That could be defined
to behave as "create a new video element; set source to blob; play();
return captureStreamUntilEnded();"

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