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Spec question: precise meaning of PeerState and IceState

From: Justin Uberti <juberti@google.com>
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2012 17:33:52 -0400
Message-ID: <CAOJ7v-00pC8rbsAQCEWGqDzLd4Md7BX5gpYPcF4D0QZKEOzAYQ@mail.gmail.com>
To: public-webrtc@w3.org
Reviewing the latest draft, the meanings of some of the values of PeerState
and IceState were unclear. In addition, there was no IceState to indicate a
liveness check failure.

The following is a proposal to provide clear state information from both
PeerState and IceState as well as to notify the application of liveness
check failures.

If you can't see the state diagrams below, you can view them at
*PeerState enum PeerState { "new", "sent-offer", "received-offer",
"sent-pranswer", "received-pranswer", "active", "closed"  }

The object was just created, and no descriptions have been set.
A local description, of type "offer", has been supplied.
A remote description, of type "offer", has been supplied.
A remote description of type "offer" has been supplied and a local
description of type "pranswer"
has been supplied.
A local description of type "offer" has been supplied and a remote
description of type "pranswer" has been supplied.
could be called "open",
Both local and remote descriptions have been supplied, and the offer-answer
exchange is complete.
The connection is closed.

Note: "opening" and "closing" have been removed, as they don't reflect any
real-world state of the PeerConnection.*

Example: Caller transition:

   - new PeerConnection(): new
   - setLocal(offer): sent-offer
   - setRemote(pranswer): received-pranswer
   - setRemote(answer): active
   - close(): closed

Callee transition:

   - new PeerConnection(): new
   - setRemote(offer): received-offer
   - setLocal(pranswer): sent-pranswer
   - setLocal(answer): active
   - close(): closed



enum IceState { "starting", "checking", "connected", "completed","failed",
"disconnected", "closed" }

The ICE Agent is gathering addresses and/or waiting for remote candidates
to be supplied.
The ICE Agent is checking candidate pairs but has not yet found a
connection. In addition to checking, it may also still be gathering.
The ICE Agent has found a usable connection for all components but is still
checking other candidate pairs to see if there is a better connection. It
may also still be gathering.
The ICE Agent has finished gathering and checking and found a connection
for all components.
The ICE Agent is finished checking all candidate pairs and failed to find a
connection for at least one component.
Liveness checks have failed for one or more components.
The ICE Agent has shut down and is no longer responding to STUN requests.

Note: "new" has been removed, as such a state no longer exists;
"waiting"/"gathering" have been merged into "starting", as gathering is not
a well-defined state.
Note: these represent more or less the most pessimistic view across all the
streams. So “connected” means all components are connected.

Example: Caller/callee transition:

   - new PeerConnection(): Starting
   - (Starting, remote candidates received): Checking
   - (Checking, found usable connection): Connected
   - (Checking, gave up): Failed
   - (Connected, finished all checks): Completed
   - (Completed, lost connectivity): Disconnected
   - (any state, ICE restart occurs): Starting
   - close(): Closed

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