Tracks in multiple Stream .... Re: Teasing apart the data API questions

On Apr 15, 2012, at 6:42 , Harald Alvestrand wrote:

> B1: Should the data "channel" be similar to a MediaStreamTrack, including the ability to be part of one or more MediaStreams,, be connected to consumer entities, be muted, and so on?

I'd like to back up and talk about normal Tracks being attached to more than one stream. I don't think this makes any sense and certainly adds to implementation complexity. Lets say we have tracks A , B, and C. And tow streams S1 and S2. If A and B are in S1, and B and C are in S2, it effectively mens all three are synchronized so why not just have all there in a single stream?

I am missing the use case for a single track in more than one stream. 

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