Re: MediaStreamTrack disabling - effect on downstream MediaStreams?


>From the perspective of enabling temporary muting of a track, it seems like
> it would be better if the text had said:
> When a track in a MediaStream<>
>  parent is disabled, any MediaStreamTrack<>
>  objects corresponding to the tracks in any MediaStream<>
>  objects that were created from parent stop sending data, although their
> "enabled" status does not change. If a disabled track in a MediaStream<>
>  parent is re-enabled, data starts flowing on the downstream
> MediaStreamTrack objects, as long as their *enabled* attribute has the
> value "true".
>  What do other people think - what would it be best if the spec said?

Agreed - I was reading this part of the spec yesterday, and had the exactly
same thought like you. Your modified text looks much clearer.


Received on Thursday, 15 September 2011 09:12:10 UTC