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+1, Hadriel's proposal is good to me.

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> > I don't think there is an answer to this yet so I guess we need to
> figure it out.  I'm ore concerned about the long term explanation to
> people outside W3C or IETF. Hadriel, with you marketing hat on, you have
> any suggestions of what we should call the whole thing?
> Web 4.0.  ;)
> I asked a couple other folks and the consensus seems to be: "WebRTC" for
> the whole thing.
> The rationale is that it's still the Web but with native real-time-
> communication support, as opposed to real-time-communication but with web
> support.  For example if you wrote a book about how to write Web-apps for
> it, you would probably use the term "WebRTC" in the book title.  Another
> rationale was that it follows the naming scheme for WebM and WebP.
> For the API, the consensus was it would be confusing to people if we
> weren't consistent with W3C docs.
> So I propose the following:
> WebRTC: the whole shebang
> WebRTC API: the JS<->Browser API.
> -hadriel
> p.s. personally I've gotten used to the term "RTCWeb", but it may be
> because of my IETF focus rather than W3C/Web focus.

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