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Very good question - been bugging me too.  -chris 

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Subject: RTCWeb Terminology

this may seem like a silly question, but what are the actual names and capitalization schemes for the overall architecture, mechanism/protocol, API and such?

I believe the Working Group names are "RTCWEB" in IETF and "WEBRTC" in W3C.  But in the W3C it appears the name of the API doc is "WebRTC".

Is the overall thing "RTCWEB", "RTCWeb", "RTCweb", or "rtcweb"?  I've seen all 4 uses in IETF drafts.  Meanwhile in W3C they call the overall architecture and protocol "WEBRTC" in the "WebRTC" document.  Which is it?

Is the Browser API itself an "RTCWeb API" or "WebRTC API" or what?

The draft-ietf-rtcweb-overview draft has a terminology section but does not cover this.

I know this is silly, but I've gotten the question several times from customers and marketing folks. (plus it would be nice to be consistent in both IETF and W3C docs)

I apologize if this question has already been asked and answered.  I googled but found conflicting terms and usage in those results as well.


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