Re: [rtcweb] a couple of comments on the latest API draft

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On 10/21/2011 10:53 PM, Robert O'Callahan wrote:
> I'm not sure that "blackness" is the appropriate output for a finished 
> MediaStream. HTML media elements that aren't playing anything are 
> transparent. For consistency, it's probably better for MediaStreams 
> that aren't playing anything to also be transparent.
Seems to me that an ended MediaStream should not contribute anything to 
its playout element, so the playout element should be the one deciding 
what to do. Good point.
>     When a |MediaStream
>     <>|
>     object ends for any reason (e.g. because the user rescinds the
>     permission for the page to use the local camera, or because the
>     data comes from a finite file and the file's end has been reached
>     and the user has not requested that it be looped, or because the
>     stream comes from a remote peer and the remote peer has
>     permanently stopped sending data, it is said to be finished .
> What if the user reinstates permission for the page to use a camera, 
> or the author modifies the source to add looping or otherwise 
> replenish the data (e.g. by restarting the source via some API)? In 
> general, especially as we add more sources, it's going to be hard to 
> ensure that the ended/finished state (I think probably you should 
> remove all mentions of "finished" in favour of "ended") is truly 
> permanent. Certainly if we allow arbitrary media elements to be used 
> as sources (as I think we will want to), the author can cause the 
> media element to play again after it's finished.
The way it's currently written, "finished" is permanent, but "disabled" 
is changeable.
We don't have any API to re-request permission for camera, GetUserMedia 
generates a new stream, it doesn't refresh an old one.

We can always emulate "restart" by creating a new stream and attaching 
it to the same playout elements. It's a programming-style issue whether 
we do that, or just disable on "end".
> I'm not sure what to do about this, but if we could allow MediaStreams 
> to exit the "ended" state, that would be good.
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