Non-browser interop


Iíve been experimenting with non-browser webRTC interop (trying to get a PeerConnection-using browser to talk to some other device via my server) using Ericsson's demo browser.  The biggest hurdle Iíve hit so far is that there doesnít seem to be any way to turn off negotiation of the ďtextĒ channel, which occurs before negotiation of the audio/video channel that Iím expecting.  I guess I can negotiate a black hole address for the text or similar but that feels like a hack.

Is that text channel necessary?  Is it safe to send it into a black hole, or does the PeerConnection use it for signalling or something?

I can see that the channel might be useful for sending timely app-specific data along with the media but it feels wrong to negotiate it even if itís not needed.  For my application, itíd be better if I could say upfront that I want to negotiate a PeerConnection with only the given list of streams.



Received on Wednesday, 12 October 2011 13:45:13 UTC