Re: Signaling & peerconnection API questions

On 07/18/11 23:07, Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Mon, 18 Jul 2011, Prakash wrote:
>> Excellent. Thanks Ian. I was most concerned about interop with non
>> browser/existing systems. If the message is not opaque, then anyone
>> should be able to translate it if needed.
> Indeed. Compatibility with SIP in particular was high on my mind when
> designing this API; the intent is that it should be almost trivial to do a
> SIP gateway for this stuff. (I mean, as trivial as this stuff can get,
> anyway...)
FWIW, this is one area where Ian and I still don't agree; I think SDP is 
a representation format we need to avoid, and that we're better off with 
a JSON-based format where the relevant information can be easily 
transformed into SDP when needed.

This is what the current Google WebRTC implementation supports.

We fully agree that the format needs to be
a) documented
b) possible to map into SDP for gatewaying purposes


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