Re: Choosing devices and fidelity: A proposal (sort of)

On Mon, 18 Jul 2011, Harald Alvestrand wrote:
> - There is an API object (JSON object?) called "hints" that the Web app 
> can send to the browser to influence these choices - probably a 
> parameter to the calls that add or modify streams.

This is already done.

> - In version 1.0 of the spec, the content of this object is left 
> undefined, possibly with some reserved semantics for "if you want to 
> experiment, use this kind of name for your attribute".

I don't see why we'd leave it undefined, that would just mean that the API 
of whichever browser first gets traction on this is the API we end up 
using. Based on our experience with this kind of thing in the past, I 
think the current approach of a well-defined but extensible hints argument 
is better.

> - We iterate once the rest of the spec is reasonably stable.


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