Re: Mozilla/Cisco API Proposal

On Jul 12, 2011, at 9:17 , Anant Narayanan wrote:

>> No, I mean, the string syntax that getUserMedia() is defined as taking is
>> already defined in an extensible, forward-compatible way. You first split
>> on commas to get the individual tracks that the script wants to get, and
>> then you split on spaces to get more data. So for example, if the argument
>> is the string "audio, video user" this indicates that the script wants
>> both audio and a user-facing video stream ("face-side camera").
> On a separate note, we removed the 'user'/'environment' options because we wanted to come up with better nomenclature for those terms. I originally suggested 'front'/'back', but they seem to restrictive too.

Often the list of cameras names is displayed to the user for them to select. So it might not be all that important to pick a canonical list of names. Most OS have some way of selecting a default camera so you want to be able take the default. I'm interested to see how one deals with i81n issues on things like this. 

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