Re: Mozilla/Cisco API Proposal

On 11 July 2011 15:09, Ian Hickson <> wrote:

> One of the differences is that your proposal allows the author to set
> things like the quality of the audio. It's not clear to me what the use
> case is for that. Can you elaborate on that?

Perhaps one example is the sort of thing described by
MediaStreamTrackHints in the proposal. The Opus audio codec from the
IETF standardization effort can switch between separate "voip" and
"audio" coding modes. The script setting up the connection may have
context information about which of these are more appropriate for its
application. These are qualitative encoding choices, which significant
overlap on any quality/bitrate scale.

Information like that is always going to be codec-specific, so an
concrete way of passing ad hoc parameters to the user-agent would find
use there.


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