Re: Telco July 12th

Some more details of the agenda:

1) Requirements
Stefan's document is available on the list. We need to accept this as a 
working document (or not).

2) APIs
We have:
- PeerConnection from WHATWG
- The audio streams APIs
- The modified PeerConnection from Mozilla / Cisco
We should discuss merits of each to see if some can be ignored safely, 
if some are merge candidates, and how we can go forward with them.

3) Quebec meeting
Timing, proposals for agenda items, other questions.

4) Any Other Business.

On 07/08/11 14:26, Stefan Håkansson LK wrote:
> Hi all!
> A reminder for the Teclo next week, at *July 12th, 6pm CEST*.
> Call in to Zakim: +1.617.761.6200 Conference code: 78294 ("RTCWG")
> ---
> #webrtc
> Proposed agenda items (please contribute proposals for additional items):
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> API-proposals (status, what have we, way forward)
> Requirements (I have a draft that can be sent out)
> Preparations for the Quebec meeting.
> AoB
> Stefan for Harald and Stefan

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