Re: Symmetrical streams

On 07/11/11 22:18, Magnus Westerlund wrote:
>> It's logical for these RTP sessions to be bidirectional.
> RTCP within an given RTP session should always be bi-directional for
> efficiency in number of transport flows needing to be established and
> NAT traversal. Some application usages will result in that some RTP
> session will only be unidirectional when it comes to actual media
> streams. And uni-directional media streams of different purposes should
> not be group together into a common RTP session over the same
> bi-directional transport just to create bi-directional flows as that
> messes with RTCP behavior.
To be clear about the word "purpose" here, since it's gotten me into 
trouble several times:

Sending two video streams from one sender (for instance a MUC) to one 
recipient (for instance an user) counts as one "purpose", right? Even 
though one may be a high-res document-sharing screencast and the other 
is a thumbnail-appropriate talking head?

While sending an audio stream and a video stream, even though they come 
from the same source and are intended to be presented together, counts 
as two different "purposes", right?


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