Re: WebRTC requirements for Audio WG

> I think echo cancellation is potentially relevant to audio; it needs to
> have access to the correlation between "stream that is played out" and
> "stream that comes in (from microphone)". If audio processing happens
> between the PeerConnection and the audio interfaces, echo cancellation
> can turn out to be very difficult to implement without accessing the
> close-to-speaker audio stream. But I'm no expert...

This is true, but there is a lot more than simply audio processing that 
can affect this. Even just playing a file in an <audio> tag during a 
call can pose a significant problem for echo cancellation, as well as 
audio sources outside the browser. But, that said, this seems like a 
browser architecture issue, rather than anything that requires an API 
that needs to be standardized.

Received on Thursday, 15 December 2011 06:56:03 UTC