Re: [mediacapture-region] What should the spec say about elements like HTMLAudioElement? (#51)

> Here's a possible compromise. ... redefine CropTarget.fromElement() as accepting (HTMLDivElement or HTMLIFrameElement)

@eladalon1983 between what positions would that be a compromise? 

>  I can't begin to imagine how my intent is not clear from the original issue.

What elements do you mean when you say _"[elements like HTMLAudioElement?]("_ Do you include HTMLVideoElement? I so I would not have guessed that from the OP. @youennf also [said]( _"I have difficulties following what we are trying to discuss here"_, which is why I suggested opening a fresh issue describing the problem anew. He proceeded to say/ask you:
> It seems what we are after here is something different, maybe scoping the spec down to only supporting div/iframe (?).
This is a different discussion that we can certainly have.

Is having that discussion here your intent? I see no direct response from you to that statement/question.

> What I asked was - is it ["sensible"]( to support HTMLAudioElement?

Yes it's sensible and has [consensus](, which means I don't have to defend it (even though [I did](, rather you have to explain why it's _not_ sensible.

To help clarify, do you think it is sensible to support HTMLVideoElement?

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