Re: [mediacapture-region] MediaDevices.produceCropTarget -> CropTarget.fromElement (#50)

> I made this API proposal based on the consensus we achieved that all elements would be supported. Given #51 wants to revisit this, this makes me wonder whether we should pause this PR until we resolve #51.

The current PR would still be an improvement over `mediaDevices.produceCropTarget()` and we should therefore merge it. Also, please note this message I had posted on #51:

> @youennf, you have previously agreed HTMLElement made sense, and, we even expanded to Element. You made this suggestion five months ago. The API as a whole has been debated for 1.5 years by now. I do not think this qualifies as "rushed". It is the nature of our jobs that decisions must be made without full certainty. Past a certain point, additional debates are less productive than making a decision, even if that decision could end up proving less than perfectly optimal. (To clarify - I think we're making a good decision in

Let's press onwards. Many more productive issues await us.

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