Re: [mediacapture-region] What should the spec say about elements like HTMLAudioElement? (#51)

> If the type of element is ensuring that it will always be 0x0

At least with HTMLAudioElement, it does not appear that it's always 0x0. But please note that it was not me who introduced 0x0 into the discussion, I was only answering @jan-ivar's question. I don't think 0x0 is special, and I've explained as much. What I asked was - is it ["sensible"]( to support HTMLAudioElement?

> it should be very very very simple to implement

It is common even for engineers of all experience levels to underestimate future challenges in implementation. I do not feel confident enough to say it would be simple to implement cropping for all possible Element subtypes. The spec should **not** mandate that we MUST support an Element subtype, if that subtype is neither sensible (Web-developers don't need it) nor simple (browser-implementers might have a hard time with it). Such a requirement would serve nobody.

> This discussion seems fundamental (what are the input we want to support), so fundamental that it seems best to solve this issue before trying to rush out any API proposal like #50.

@youennf, you have previously agreed HTMLElement made sense, and [at your suggestion](, we even expanded to Element. You made this suggestion five months ago. The API as a whole has been debated for 1.5 years by now. I do not think this qualifies as "rushed". It is the nature of our jobs that decisions must be made without full certainty. Past a certain point, additional debates are less productive than making a decision, even if that decision could end up proving less than perfectly optimal. (To clarify - I think we're making a good decision in #50.)

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