Re: [mediacapture-region] What should the spec say about elements like HTMLAudioElement? (#51)

> Rather, we are discussing something that is known before minting and cannot change - the type of Element.

It seems HTMLAudioElement would be eligible to cropping according this definition but HTMLAudioElement should not be eligible to cropping based on the initial message of this thread. I have difficulties following what we are trying to discuss here.

If the type of element is ensuring that it will always be 0x0, it should be very very very simple to implement and optimize.
This might not be super useful for web developers (though who knows!), but rejecting does not seem great either (rejecting is like throwing an exception, it might disrupt applications, especially if some browsers reject and not others). Specs should try to avoid allowing UA specific behaviours. Rejecting is also not the best approach for feature detection.

It seems what we are after here is something different, maybe scoping the spec down to only supporting div/iframe (?).
This is a different discussion that we can certainly have. Note though that consensus was reached for supporting all elements so I think new information, for instance how hard it is to support some elements, would be useful/needed.

Please also note that trying to revisit this issue has impact on the API discussions we are having in
For instance, `fromElement` is not a great name if only div/iframe will ever be supported.

This discussion seems fundamental (what are the input we want to support), so fundamental that it seems best to solve this issue before trying to rush out any API proposal like

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