Re: [mediacapture-region] Why expose produceCropTarget at MediaDevices level? (#11)

>>>> [By @yoavweiss] The former is also the reason why the handle creation [needs to be async](
>>> [By @jan-ivar] There's no such inherent need for it to be async; this would solely be a convenience for some browser implementers.
>>  [By @eladalon1983] The needs of implementers carry non-zero weight. Web developers build applications on implemented APIs. Users enjoy applications. Convenience to implementers translates into value for users.
> [By @jan-ivar] @eladalon1983 that's inverse of the [priority of constituencies](, and conflates "convenience" with "needs". 🤔

@jan-ivar, we have discussed this issue multiple times. If my arguments were not convincing, please address them. But bringing up the same issue repeatedly, and repeatedly ignoring my arguments, is neither respectful behavior, nor wise use of our time.

Namely, I have argued multiple times that in this particular case, implementers' needs for asynchronicity may be addressed at zero cost to both users and Web developers. The only argument I have thus far heard to the contrary is that "await adds ten bytes to the JS file" (from @youennf). I do not believe this was meant as a joke. Then we discussed compression. I believe you were present.

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